What Is Organic Marketing?

Organic marketing is the foundation of SEO and generating search engine traffic for web sites. Marketing a business online involves edits to technical on-page elements that should be supervised by a professional SEO agency with experience in organic search ranking. Organic advertising enables a business to increase brand awareness and grow a business’ identity while increasing Google ranking and website conversions.

What Is Organic and Inorganic Marketing?

Organic marketing refers to the process of driving traffic to a website and achieving top rankings on search engine results pages without paying for it. On the other hand, inorganic marketing refers to driving traffic to a site by using paid services and ads such as pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-click (CPA) paid advertising.

How Do I Get Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic refers to users who visit a website by clicking on unpaid or organic search results. Generating organic traffic is a time-consuming process but conversion rates are much higher than with PPC paid ads. Generating organic placement in Google search results involves a detailed process of SEO copywriting, on-page optimization and building site authority through inbound link creation and local branding advertising. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the best ways of driving high-quality organic traffic a web site.

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What Is Organic Search Marketing?

Organic search marketing is a method of promoting a business or brand organically and is more commonly referred to as search engine optimization or SEO. This process involves optimizing a website so that it will rank high on search engine results pages or SERPs. The higher a web site ranks in search engines, the more relevant a search engine considers a web page to be in relation to a search query. The higher a page ranks in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) the more organic traffic, and conversions, the site will receive. In short, organic search engine ranking equals more traffic and more conversions or web sales.

Is SEO An Organic Web Marketing Service?

SEO is an organic Internet marketing service because it does not involve paying for a website to appear on search engine pages. SEO entails optimizing the different elements on a website to achieve top ranking in search results and generate traffic through editing on-page elements. In the long-run, SEO for organic marketing is cheaper than paid marketing and will deliver more traffic to web pages.

Why Is Organic SEO Important?

Many businesses have switched over to paid advertising as part of their digital marketing efforts, which might lead others to believe that organic SEO is no longer powerful. This switch is mainly due to the difficulty and knowledge needed to achieve top ranking through SEO initiatives. While paid advertising is easy to setup, it only generates 20% of the traffic that organic rankings do. With paid advertising limiting traffic to just a small percentage of searches, conversions and traffic, Organic SEO and digital marketing, with a broader audience reach, has the greatest potential for delivering an increase in online revenue.

Here are some reasons why organic marketing and SEO is a strategic marketing tool to implement:

  1. Organic marketing targets a specific audience. With organic SEO, the goal is to optimize a website to appeal to a targeted audience. Paid ads are not as targeted as organic SEO – which makes it harder for a brand to gain new customers.
  2. Top organic Google ranking improves consumer trust. Organic results tend to be more trustworthy than paid results. Users are more likely to click on and buy from websites who have earned their search engine rankings through organic marketing efforts.
  3. Organic search placement and gives a better user experience. One of the key reasons why certain websites rank higher in search engines is because of the seamless user experience they offer. Users will be much more likely to make a purchase or return to a site if they can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.
  4. Organic marketing and SEO is the best long-term investment with the highest ROI. SEO might come off as expensive, but it is actually a cost-effective long-term solution for a business. The SEO process is not quick or easy but it will deliver more traffic and online conversions.
  5. Organic SEO offers more opportunities for a brand or business to be seen. SEO allows a business to uncover more ways that a brand can be marketed. With SEO, an organization can see where a brand is positioned against competitors online. The right SEO strategy will allow a company to see the areas that they are thriving in and those which can be improved.